Monday, 26 February 2018

Little Mermaid and Frozen Drawers for Disney Countdown Calendar

Three more drawers for Iris and Bertie’s Disneyland Countdown Calendar today featuring The Little Mermaid and some of the characters from Frozen . 
I managed to stretch the pack of Dress It Up Little Mermaid buttons to two drawers with the four buttons it contained, sadly the same can not be said for the Frozen pack!
I’ve decided to forget my usual crafty mantra of “less is more” and have gone totally over the top with flat back pearls and gems and flat back gem stars to fill in the gaps, this is not project for subtlety.
I dare say that when I go back to the drawers when I start to put the whole thing together I will find a few spaces to fill ………and I think these three in particular definitely need a sprinkling of some extra fine translucent glitter.


Cheryl W said...

These are all turning out so cute! You should try to capture the looks on Iris's and Bertie's faces when you give it to them.

Daffodil Cards said...

I keep finding you and losing you, then realised I hadn't followed you!!!!!!! So here I am and will be a little more regularly now LOL.
I've been through LOTS of your posts, no time to comment on them all, but isn't this just a wonderful thing to do, countdown drawers, how exciting that must be for the children.
Have a good week.

marc said...

love these you could make some little things out of flimo big love marc