Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Nanny’s Special Little Suitcase And The Rifling Of Her Drawers!

When Iris and Bertie come over to Nanny’s for the day or a sleepover the one thing they both fight for is Nanny’s Little Suitcase ………
It’s just full of bits and pieces found over the years and just bunged together, with crafting, i.e mini printers trays in mind, well, that was until Iris found it ………
…… and now it’s always asked for first, everything has to be taken out, carefully looked at and talked about and then laid out, for little games/stories to be created. 
In amongst all the  bits is a tiny blue flowered tray and cup, the only things remaining from a set I remember sitting on a shelf at my Grans when I was a little girl, so they’ve got to be at least 60 years old.  Perhaps it shouldn’t be in the case …….. but what’s the use of a treasure if it’s just left to lie in a drawer. If I can remember it from my own childhood, perhaps it will be remembered and even owned by either Iris or Bertie when they grown up  ……. it also ensures that my dear sweet Grandma still lives on in some small way.
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Another must activity when Iris and Bertie are around is rifling through the drawers in the lounge, particularly by Bertie, and if you can’t get away with such blatant rifling when you’re not quite two, when can you?
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I am not precious about much, if something is that special it’s removed before the little darlings arrive, but I do try to put a couple of things in there for them to “find”.  It’s all about making memories, you just don’t know what they will remember in the years to come …….. but I hope I have laid just a few.


Paula said...

Aww, how lovely, Helen. They will definitely look back on these times with fond memories, for sure x

Cheryl W said...

You are just the most wonderful Nanny. They will most assuredly have memories that they will cherish and pass on to their own children someday. I can just imagine Iris and Bertie talking when they are middle-aged, saying, "Remember Nanny's drawers and all the treasures we'd find in them?"