Monday, 11 February 2019

Revisited Bejewelled Bathroom Lightshade

Following on a couple of posts ago and the charity shop beaded chandelier find I decided that there was no time like the present to try to re-vamp the light shade currently adorning my bathroom to see if my ideas actually worked …….

Bathroom light shade before
I think they did ……….

Light shade after
I hope you can see in difference the pictures.

I started off by removing all the existing drops and replacing some of them with the larger ones from the charity shop shades, colouring two clear beads with a yellow and purple Sharpie pen and leaving one in the original amber to reflect the colours in the main body of the light shade. Four of these drops were positioned in the corners of the shade and another three were evenly spaced along the sides.

I then made up another set of drops to be spaced in between the new larger drops, this time colouring one clear bead purple, again to pick up an existing colour and then I coloured an amber bead with green for a subtler shade of the colour, using green straight onto a clear bead was just too vivid, if that makes sense?

If I say so myself it does look pretty awesome, it throws wonderful colours and patterns on the walls, with just the sort of effect I imagined and wanted, but was wary I would get ……
………. it is also so much more individual now and more me. I am thrilled.  Now, when I get another hour or so to play, my next challenge to to re-vamped the jewelled lamps in my guest room, to hopefully achieve the same individual look and success.


Cheryl W said...

O.M.G! It's so beautiful! And the next lamps you re-vamp will be just as beautiful, I have no doubt. What fun to be able to see and enjoy your successful re-do every day.

CraftyCoffey said...

WOW-the light reflecting off the gems looks fantastic.


marc said...

just knew it would work was do rick and i always say if your going to do it dont hold back you did a fab job looks amazing big love marc