Wednesday, 21 August 2019


I can't believe I missed my 10th Anniversary of blogging, by one single day.  I had an inkling that it was coming up soon but I thought it was in September, then when I went back to my very first post this morning, I saw that I had started blogging on Thursday 20th August 2009.  Ten blooming years and one day ....... who'd have believed it ........... that's 2,426 posts - that's an awful lot of ideas/projects, observations, and objects of desire  ....... it makes my mind boggle.  

Times and circumstances have changed beyond anything I could have imagined from those early days, but through thick and thin, good and bad I've usually had a post or two in the bag ..... and when I have felt that I didn't have the heart (or imagination) to carry on so many wonderful, followers gee-ed me up and kept me going, and that applies to my Monkey blog too.

Both blogs have kept my mind whirling with so many ideas, kept me sane, kept me looking for new things to use, delving in every charity shop, craft shop, Poundland, discount store car boot for anything interesting, and made me see and look for all the funny things in life ...... as well as always being there to prick my conscience to keep those posts coming........ 

So here's to another ten years ????????????  Happy Anniversary to me and a huge THANK YOU to you all for all your kind comments, e-mails, presents and most important of all popping in every day.  THANK YOUxxx



Mrs A. said...

Yep . Here's to the next however many. I missed mine back in Febraury too. Hugs Mrs A.

tilly said...

Well done on 10 years of blogging and crafting through good times and the grandchildren are here to help you smile and share your love of fiddle farting
Tilly x

Silvia said...

Thank YOU so much for all the wonderful posts, and for sharing so much with the rest of us. You truly do inspire me to try different things and look at things around me in different ways. You have such a great outlook and when I first stumbled on your blog years ago you had the picture with the fur hat and I knew you were a fun loving person. Thank you for sharing your crafts and your family with the rest of us.
Silvia (from Kansas!)

Cheryl W said...

Wow! Congratulations to you! Ten years blogging is a fabulous milestone. I've enjoyed every one of your posts over the last 7 years or so (I started blogging in May of 2012, and I know your blog was one of the first ones I followed. Thanks for all you've shared and all the inspiration you've given to your readers. I know you've inspired me many, many times. I'm looking forward to the next 10 years!

CraftyCoffey said...

Huge congratulations on your 10th Blog Anniversary!!! Don’t think I’ve been following you for very long but I love reading every post on both blogs-they’ve cheered me up on some dark days recently.


Sandra from Devon (once Wolverhampton) said...

Thank you you are my first post every morning Thanks for all the inspiration

Happy Anniversary

Tracy L said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the last 10 awesome years and here's to the future!
I'm in awe of your creativity and have loved sharing the online journey. Thanks for making us get off our butts with your inspiration and for making us smile.
Lots of love xxx

Paw W said...

Congratulations and thank you. Your posts are always full of inspiration and humour. They cheer me up and I would be lost if I couldn't check in with you every day. Here's to the next 10 years!