Friday, 8 November 2019

I said I wouldn't ....... But I did!

I don't think I ever completely ruled out buying any more chandeliers, rather it was more a case of trying to reign in my compulsion to buy them, ruling that they would have to have something a little morespecial for me to make a considered purchase ......... so what's a girl to do when she spots this beauty in the British Heart Foundation shop in Malvern ..... for just £4.  
I am afraid, dear reader,  it came home with me ...... the chains of clear beads are always useful ...... but it was the other larger beads that really took my fancy .....
All the beads were (sadly) plastic, however, I could see the large purple shapes replacing some of the amber coloured ones on my Moroccan style light shade in the bathroom.  The clear drops just scream Christmas, and the turquoise ones I am thinking about, but may make an appearance on my ornate shower-room light shade ...... and the red ones, I am thinking might go on my spare bedroom chandelier.  There were also some brown coloured drops, these also need some thought, but have the potential to be decorated with gold 3D effect paint and a flat back gem or two to make fancy parcel charms or Christmas tree decorations.

I need to have an evening taking the shade apart and then doing the calculations as to where they could be added or what they can be used for. I think there are possibly eight of each shape goodness knows how many clear chains ....... happy days!


Cheryl W said...

It is fun to see how happy you are when working on your chandeliers. Looking forward to the results.

marc said...

you know you would regret it if you had not got it when you saw it big love marc