Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Monkey Christmas Card For 2019

I don't think I have ever been so well organised as far as this years Mum's Monkey cards is concerned, as they were all done and dusted back in June!  OMG!
Each year I rack my brains for a new theme for them ......... and as I was about to pack away my festive bed linen for another year the idea of "God rest you merry gentlemen" sprang to mind, so a last minute photo shoot was called and the perfect shot secured. I then sat on the picture until around May when I had them printed for just 5p per copy from Aldi.
In June I decided to put them together.  The hats and bobbles were glittered over using white micro glitter and embellished with holly confetti and small, flat back, red pearls.
There was also a lot of mat and layering to be done to pick out the blue of their pjamas and red of the bedding........... with a little faux stitching on the pale blue layer thrown in for good measure.
I created the sentiment in two parts and again these were mat and layered on red.
The final touches came with the addition of  silver snowflake confetti (please forgive the blobs of wet glue in the picture), with red flat back pearl centres and a few clusters of three red dots here and there.

With The Towers now festooned in all it's festive gaiety and The Boyz once more donned in their gay apparel, I guess it is the perfect opportunity to be thinking of next years card, any and all suggestions gratefully received .......  happy days!


Cheryl W said...

OMG is right! I can't believe how organized, efficient and creative you are! These are awesome Christmas cards from the monkeys. I wish I could give you some ideas for next year's card, but I'm afraid I'm not nearly as clever and creative as you are.

CraftyCoffey said...

Just received my card from the Boyz & it’s fantastic. It will have pride of place in the lounge then be kept along with all the other cards I’ve treasured from you all.


tilly said...

A lovely festive card and you come up with something wonderful each year !