Thursday, 27 August 2009

Another Place, Crosby Beach, Liverpool, 26th August 2009

Crosby Beach, Liverpool, is a magical place.
There are 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along three kilometers of the foreshore, stretching almost one kilometre out to sea.
I left two wish bracelets on statues 88 and 91,  I don't suppose they will withstand the weather and the sea conditions for too long but I made my wishes and if they are found by other visitors, the wishes will pass on to them .........


sherazade said...


I hope you don't mind but I used your photo to ilustrate a short story I wrote. Let me know if you dont want me to use your photo and I'll remove it from my blog.
By the way, your craft work is fabulous. =)

Helen said...

Oh my life I am thrilled!

I looked at your blog, I am sorry I can't read it!!!!

If you like the pictures can I recommend that you do a Google Image Search, and type Another Place, Antony Gormly or Crosby Beach, Liverpool & you will be amazed by the beauty of the place.

You've made my day. Its my favourite picture of me ever!!

sherazade said...

=) well, i going to try to translate the story and to post it, so that you can read it.

I was visiting some blogs and when I saw your picture I just felt I needed to write a story about it. The picture is sooooo wonderful!!!

I'm glad you're happy. =) I will translate the story this afternoon. ;)

Polly said...

Wow - this looks amazing. We used to go to Crosby when I was at uni in Liverpool and since we're popping back for a visit in October, we'll definitely have to go here. We to see Field for the British Isles recently and loved that too.

Carmen said...

These pictures are amazing. What a fantastic sculpture and what a lovely idea. I'd never heard of wish bracelets. :)

Judith said...

I saw this beach on TV a while back I love those sculptures they are su fabulous and I love that both the sea and you have added to them. x