Thursday, 30 June 2011

Post 1 - A Card From Exotic Climes

Picture 199
How exciting …..I had to send one of the Crease Mouses/Mice Josie from Coppernob sent me for my first ever blog candy all the way to Minneapolis, which was thrilling for me to think that I have followers in the US, and then I was even more thrilled when I received a Thank You card from the winner Cheryl.
Picture 198

Cheryl had not only used the Crease Mouse to score her card, but had also used it for to make the star pattern on the front of it ….. now that’s something I hadn’t thought of!  Thank you Cheryl x


marc said...

as a card maker i find that very classy that she sent you a card in the post to say thankyou as we all love getting nice things in the post its just nice getting old fashiond thankyou mail shows a bit of style big love marc

Suze Bain said...

A beautiful thank you card and the American stamps are fab too!