Thursday, 30 June 2011

Post 2 – A Gift of A Very Tiny And Exquisite Type Nature …

Picture 292
…. as if that wasn’t enough excitement, another lovely follower, Kathryn, sent me a very mysterious e-mail saying that she had seen and bought something that had made her think of me ….. (I thought, perhaps, a family packet of Maltesers or a bag of scratchings!).
Picture 293
….. and then a couple of days later this beautiful card with a lovely note followed……
Picture 294
along with …………..
Picture 295
…. this exquisite handmade, felted and spun inchie, I just adore it! 
Framed Woven Inchie
….. and how very spooky …. I had just the right shadowbox picture frame just waiting for it, it’s so perfect and is now on my treasure shelf in my craft room.  Thank you SO much Kathryn …it’s so beautiful and it has found a home where it will be appreciated and loved every single day xxx.


marc said...

Fab card and fab inch from fab follower to a fab bloger how thoughtful is that i belive that all Acts Of kindness come back to you a 100 x over one way or another
you have framed
it so well and its so you feels me with joy to see such selfless kindness thanks or sharing it big love marc

Suze Bain said...

I agree, looks absolutely perfect in your white shadowbox. The colours are gorgeous. xx