Thursday, 30 June 2011

Post 3 – My Decopatch Disaster

Picture 296
With all this news of a lovely type nature  I thought that I would be able to bury my big disaster amongst it all so that no one would notice ….. but I’ve decided to come clean and show you that I have cocked up good and proper!
I found this tin at a carboot sale … the cards inside were no use, but it was the tin box I really had my beady eye on … I paid my 50p and was well chuffed.
Picture 298
….. and so over the past two nights I have lovingly covered it with Decopatch papers and several coats of varnish all of which was very relaxing and therapeutic …. until I came to photograph it and closed it ….….. only to find that all those layers of paper and varnish around the rim of the box had rendered it impossible to open again!!! Serves me sooooo right, I was so pleased with myself yesterday with my evening bag, I was heading for a fall!  DOH!

I have just read Marc's comment .... what am I like? .... I have rescued the case from the bin ....(with funny looks from my neighbour) and it is now soaking in the sink, paper and varnish peeling off as we speak, so that I am ready too start again.  This time I am going to give it a quick spray of paint first, especially round the top so I won't need to cover the tin right up to the edge.  Thank you Marc!

Also in answer Anj's question yesterday ... I have used both PVA and Decoptach glue on a couple of projects now and the Decopatch is definitely superior, with a far better finish (but, I have used ordinary clear varnish to complete my projects).  I have just bough a 160g bottle of Decopatch glue from e-bay as it was the cheapest place I could find it, including postage.


Mallika said...

its not a disaster
its very pretty
i love it

marc said...

i dont no if its the photo but your right it needs something sorry you said it lol have you tried running a craft knife aroun the seal while heating it ith a hot air gun it might losen the varnish while expanding the metal or soak some loo roll in white spirit and wrap it around the sealed edge and leave to soak for a few hours it might losen it so you can get a paint scraper/knife ect under the rim you can start again thats half the fun seeing what work

Suze Bain said...

Oh dear, but you have given us all a giggle this morning. xx

Anj said...

sometimes all one can say is - oops! x