Monday, 31 October 2011

Chocolate Bar Snowmen

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I hope you don’t mind me revisiting another idea from Christmas past today ….. but I have gathered a few new followers since the last time I did it and it is something easy that you could do with your own children or with a class/Brownie/Cub pack etc.  …. And,  if you are like me, you begrudge paying silly money for a hollow chocolate novelty with very little substance other than a fancy foil wrapper and eaten in seconds.
Snowman Chocolate Bars
I found multipacks of 6 for 4,  233g Cadbury chocolate bars in B & M Bargains for £1.69 (which works out at 28p each).
Cadbury Choclate Bar Snowman
I cut a piece of good quality white paper 12.5cm x 11.5cm to roll the chocolate bar in. In the past I’ve been posh and have used felt, but that obviously will cost a little more.
Snowman Chocolate Bar Favor
Then I cut the finger from a pair of gloves to make the snowman’s hat (Primark is the best place for buying cheap gloves, this year they have two pairs for £1.50, which gives you 20 hats!)
Snowman Chocolate Bar 1
I’ve then cut two felt strips, one measuring  approximately 12cm x 2cm and the other a little shorter to make the scarf, which when arranged decoratively and stuck down can be fringed. After that, all there is left to do is to punch some eyes and buttons from black card, cut out a nose, and doodle the mouth. You can use real buttons and black flat back gems and a fancy ribbon for the scarf and really go to town, the world is your lobster…. but for today I have done an economy version!


Bubbles said...

I don't remember this one... so I'm really glad you've reposted it :)
You really are clever... love the ideas and creations you make.

Suze Bain said...

I bought a baby's fleece from Poundland to make some of these - I never thought of using gloves - that would save a fair bit of time & fiddle farting! Thanks for sharing! xx

Mama J said...

I always love your chocolate wrappers but these hats are just great!!!

marc said...

love this and you can take it down so many paths would make great santa hats to so much better than hallow foil choc big love marc