Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Christmas Jar Lantern

This jar was made in the summer when I had a big thing about making lanterns,  to be honest the Ronseal quick drying varnish dried unbelievably quickly in the warm weather and I could also have the window open to ventilate my craft room.
Christmas Jar Lantern
I used blue tissue paper and Decopatch glue on the jar and when it was covered completely added the self adhesive stars, it was all a lot of guess work as I just wasn’t too sure whether the blue colour would allow the light to shine through enough. But this first attempt was disappointing, it was too patchy, so I applied another layer of paper.
Christmas Jar Lantern 2
The result (below) was much better, but perhaps blue isn’t really the best colour for lanterns.
Christmas Jar Lantern
I used a thin blue jewellery making wire for the hanger, with lots of winding and twisting to make it secure.


Suze Bain said...

Very pretty! xx

marc said...

i like the blue with the stars great make big love marc you could try useing pledge multisurface wax to seal them as well it drys quick and can be used indoors big love marc

Nikki D said...

can you use PVA instead of decopatch glue? was thinking of doing this on my helping day at school but the decoupatch glue would make it a bit more pricey