Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Withdrawl of Snowman Soup File

I have had an e-mail from a concerned follower and I think I need to take what she has said very seriously.
I have always stated that the art work I have used was not my own and that I had purchased sets of images from a number of digi sites on the internet, however what has pointed out to me is that as I haven't created the artwork myself or have the artists permission to give it away,  what  I’m actually doing is stealing someone else's intellectual property and just like a CD being copied  and given away, it's actually copyright theft.
I don’t have the  artist's permission to “share” the artwork I have used as part of my soup inserts and I feel that though it was done in all innocence,  the right thing is to to withdraw the file completely.
This has been wake up call for me, and I realise now that I need to do some serious research on intellectual property and copyright.  But in the meantime can I point out to you that if you download graphic images they DO NOT become your property, you are not allowed to share them, and they are only intended for your own personal use.  Also always check a download sites “Conditions for Use” very carefully
Can I now ask that you in turn do not pass the file on to anyone else and request that you do not use any part of it for any sort of enterprise.


Di said...

Oh crikey Helen! I nearly did this once but i was reading a post on someones blog similar to your post just in the nick of time,lol. If I ever download stuff now I save it to picasa and under the pic where it says, add a caption, I copy and paste the page addy of where it came from. If i blog the stuff it makes it so easy to give a link to the original artwork. Sometimes we try to be helpful without realising what we're doing. Di. xx

Suze Bain said...

Gee, this all sounds very complicated. I'm sure you'll be fine though as you you weren't "selling" the images. xx

Helen said...

Its a lesson learnt and perhaps now it'll make me get my own pens out and have a go at my own designs for next year

Jem said...

Or maybe find some copyright free images - they are out there on the wibbley wobbly web.... Janex P.S. thanks for sharing all that you do xx

marc said...

Helen it would take you a few Min's to come up with a snow man and a fab one at that , as kids we all drew them every Christmas you show me one original snowman that i haven't seen 1000x before over the last 50 yrs and i will eat its hat theres not a lot you can do with a few circles a carrot some coal a hat 2 twigs that look like arms a scarf and a broom/ shovel go on every one give your selfs 10 Min's and see how many you can do o don't forget a bit of patch work or string flowers to give it that all American folk art look that was taken from most country's in Europe in the first place be different use 3 snow balls drees it up oops forgot thats all been done before and you never no some one just might have done it first perhaps it was you when you were 5 lol big snowman draw ring love Marc