Monday, 9 March 2015

Sorry You’re Leaving Card

This card is A5 in size made using a hand cut blank in white linen effect card.
I made this card for the Head of Maths at school who left at Christmas.  I used graph paper with red and silver card to mat and layer, and then went mad with  some of the thousands of self adhesive numbers and letters I have collected over the years, and then filled in the smaller gaps with doodled Maths symbols.
I think I really need to make more cards in this style in the coming year perhaps on a more general theme. I have sooooooooo many letters, and they need using up …. the combination of wording might take a little thinking about …… e’e. a’s and y’s always seem to get used first and I never have enough y’s ……


Cheryl W said...

Great card! I actually was a Middle School Math teacher for a time, so I really appreciate this one!

Anonymous said...

this is so very attractive and fun......a treasure to keep......Dianne